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The company's corporate culture, is still in the stage of enlightenment, I put forward "loyalty, forgiveness, honesty, diligence, honesty " these five words, to "loyalty " specification of the mode of thinking, to " forgive " specification of the way of thinking, to "honesty " standardize human principles, to " ground" and " cheap" to regulate the individual self-cultivation and moral, the abstract is as follows:
Zhong: loyal, loyal, loyal to the superior;
Shu: understanding, forgiveness failure under;
Honesty: honesty, steadfastly personhood, seriously to work;
Qin: diligent in thinking, study hard, work hard;
Lian: honest, unselfish, work in just ways.
------Chairman Kun · Qi
Company chairman Qi Kun about " loyalty" " to " " sincere" Qin " " cheap ".

Loyalty is the essence of the traditional Chinese, is the essence of Confucius thought. Zeng Zi self-examine their body, one said : Infidelity? For daily to reflect on their own for work strain every nerve to?

As a member of the enterprise, on their own business, to their duties, to the dedicated in charge of their own is the highest realm.

At the company, loyal to the company, the survival and development of strain every nerve to the company, it is each employee should do. Conversely, in the upper part of the body in the thoughts of the heart in the Han, dig the corner in action, is the company's corporate Clintonism rascal!

Be loyal to their duties, a serious and responsible to do their work, each employee at least professional standards, which companies will tolerate be forgetful of one's duties of employees? Division of different work, but there is no distinction or distinction, spiral nail screw duties, computer has the effect of computer, be loyal to their duties without distinction or not, we must conscientiously do a never rusty screw.

Loyal to the competent formulation seems excessive, however, subordinates who will accept special trouble? Only every level are loyal to the boss, the whole company to form a unified and efficient overall.

Comply in appearance but oppose in heart, we must dig the corner, Jianning villain!

Loyalty and forgiveness is Confucius thought of " one principle runs through it all ". In the enterprise, we are competent subordinates mistake understanding. In daily work, everyone affected by the subjective understanding of the limitations, individual capacity constraints and the objective conditions, the inevitable errors, or even losses. Then, without forethought blindly punishment is not a good way to mobilize the enthusiasm of the. Should see the starting point of his behavior is good or evil, for understanding the punishment will have unexpected effects on subordinate error.

Forgiveness is a kind of charisma, helps to unite people, calling on people, or even to tap the potential of people.

The boss's forgiveness as incompetent or weak, be insatiable, and even the use of forgiveness, is the villain!

Honesty is a basic principle of dealing with the relationship between the company and the company, department and department, with people. National Day in 1999, I put down a company ", seriously to work ", advocating integrity.

Honesty is the foundation for the cultivation of the villain, not sincere.

Sincerity of doing things in their daily work, whether to treat people with sincerity, you consider the starting point. Dishonest behavior, the then - is being sense out of, and trust each other, even if things do, they must be able to understand.

Not sincere to treat others, others will treat you with sincerity, interpersonal relationship without sincerity faithless, you must be isolated, be without a single success.

Proficient in Qin and defeated by the luxury industry.

Diligent in thinking, study hard, hard work is the basic content of the company every employee daily practice.

Diligent in thinking: difficulties in work will often encounter a variety of, such as the grasp of the market judgment, vulnerabilities to various problems in management, equipment operation in various fault and so on, as long as diligent in thinking, will come up with a variety of ways to solve the problem, in the process of solving the problem, in your own abilities also increases. All kinds of technical innovation, management, marketing, are completed by thinking people. Innovation is the source of enterprise development, and diligent in thinking is the route one must take innovation.

Study hard: today's society is the rapid updating of knowledge society, is a learning society, many enterprises put forward " learning enterprise " slogan, not learning will soon fall behind. Who is not willing to be eliminated. However, in the company survive, you will learn to learn, learn computer access business, cost accounting, learn to drive, learn electrician, welding and so on, to be, to have forever enterprising.

Hard work: you assume the work has a certain pressure, and even beyond the capacity of their own, so you need to work hard to complete the task assigned by company. You come back, you're responsible is the most recognized by the leadership and the masses, efficiency comes from diligence. Here is the most specific, you will get the proper harvest.

Integrity, should be a person each employee's training.

System and supervising all do not discover the minutest detail in everything, therefore, conscious integrity should be part of the company culture.

Gentleman loves money, but the way.

Take ill-gotten gains, and even corruption, is a very shameful, shameful, so many senior officials and falling into the abyss.

Honesty is a kind of way, namely, cannot leave instantly, therefore, the gentleman ", that is to say, in alone without the supervision in place, more should be careful to check, clean and honest.

Greed greedy began in small, petty, so to strengthen the clean cultivation, to check erroneous ideas at the outset, cautiousness, Shen Chu, Shen Wei, to " pure thought ", don't make yourself so imperceptibly fell inextricably bogged down in the mire.

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