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Undertake Yalinjie wheat germ oil&grape seed oil projects

To undertake the wheat germ oil grape seed oil subcritical extraction engineering

Subcritical extraction patented technologies and features for grease:

Subcritical fluid mainly for liquefied butane and propane. The boiling point of the solvent component mostly below 0 ℃, wherein the boiling point of propane -42.07 ℃, butane boiling point of -0.5 ℃, is a gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, the pressurized liquid state. The process is the basic principle: at room temperature and under pressure (0.3MPa-0.8MPa), countercurrent extraction with subcritical fluid parison oil (such as walnut, evening primrose seeds, etc.), then the mixing of oil and meal solvent under reduced pressure gasification, gasification and then after solvent gas compressor condensing liquefied recycled. The technology is now fully replaced by supercritical technology, low cost (and the 6th solvent extraction costs considerably more than the cost of supercritical extraction 60% lower), large scale (daily processing 100 kg - 200 tons). Widely used in the extraction of heat-sensitive materials, ensure that the material temperature of the active ingredient from the destruction.

The advantage of the patented technology:

(1), obtained after extraction meal of good quality, water-soluble protein meal invariance rate is greater than 95%, less than 1% residual oil meal, residual solvent is less than 50ppm;
(2), solvent consumption is low, tons of dissolved material consumption is less than 6kg;
(3), without steam, hot water can be only 90 ℃, the relative solvent on the 6th, can save 70% of the thermal energy;
(4), the production is no "waste pollution", is environmental engineering;
(5), extract oil light color, lecithin content is low, the residual oil was dissolved less than 1ppm;
(6), at room temperature extraction, low temperature (less than 30 ℃) desolventizing, meal and oil for heat-sensitive material is not damaged, is precious oil, pigment, Chinese herbal medicine shelf ideal extraction process;
(7), small investment, low production cost (relative to supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment);
(8), subcritical fluid source is wide, low prices. The solvent of the oil and gas fields, oil refineries have this product, and the price is lower than the 6th solvents.
Each processing one ton of wheat germ, net profit of up to 2,000 yuan.

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