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Subcritical tea seed oil engineering

Subcritical cryogenic extraction patent technology principle and advantages:
Subcritical fluid mainly liquefied butane.The boiling point of the solvent composition under 0 ℃, the boiling point of butane is 0.5 ℃, under atmospheric pressure for gas, after pressure for liquid.The basic principle of the process is: under normal temperature and pressure, with subcritical fluid countercurrent extraction oil, and then make the material liquid solvents in reduced pressure gasification, solvent after gasification gas after compressor condensing liquid recycled again.
The patent technology of advantages:
A, room temperature extraction, low temperature desolventizing, tea seed oil and protein in the thermal sensitive material does not destroy;After extracting the active substance content in oil is higher than 6 solvent.(no. 6 solvent because of its 60-90 °, the boiling point solvent and fat separation need the high temperature of 100 ° above, a lot of destruction of biological activity), not only ensure the active substances in the oil, and ensure the active material in the pulp, pulp residue can extract tea saponin, protein, polysaccharide, etc.
B, after subcritical cryogenic extraction material intact of active substances, to achieve the same effect and supercritical fluid extraction, but the subcritical cryogenic extraction equipment investment and operation cost are less than supercritical, less than 30% of supercritical fluid extraction.
C, the process without waste gas, waste water, such as emissions, for the green environmental protection engineering.
D, the equipment is for general device, can be processing a variety of materials, such as micro algae oil, almond oil, tea seed oil, safflower seed oil, grape seed oil, Chinese herbal medicine, seabuckthorn seed, pigment, etc
At present the patent technology of day processing 70 tons of material demonstration plant has been stable operation of 18 years.
The process flow
Tea seed to clean up, go to the stone - crushing - kernel shell separation to cold pressing machine, to extract

MAO to hydrated alkali refining, oil dehydration to decolorization, deodorization - freezing crystallization - dewaxing - filter - refined petroleum products

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