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Continues the subcritical peony seed oil engineering
Subcritical extraction process principle: liquefied subcritical fluid as solvent, was carried out on the pretreatment of the peony seed countercurrent extraction, and then extract liquid, the relief that the solvent gasification and extract oil separation, peony seed oil.By extraction by repeated after extraction, solid phase can be extracted, such as grease, reduced pressure gasification adsorption of solvent, skim the peony seed meal.The gasification of solvent recovery system, and then compress liquefaction in solvent tank, recycled.This technology has been widely used in many kinds of plant extract ingredients,
Technology advantage:
1, normal temperature, low temperature desolventizing, does not destroy the material in the heat-sensitive material, especially suitable for the peony seed oil extraction processing, the oil of good quality and keep the nutrition of oil, high of sterol content at the same time.The peony seed pulp retention of active substances in good condition, can further development of downstream products, etc.
2, mature technology, built in production line has stable production demonstration fifteen years.
3, the technology and equipment for common device, the device can be used to extract fat-soluble components of various materials, such as high-grade edible, medicinal herbs and spices, pigments, etc.
Second, the technological process
1, the pretreatment
The peony seed - clean up to go to stone, broken - kernel shell separation to soften, flaking and extraction

2, extraction,

3, refined
MAO to hydrated alkali refining, oil dehydration to decolorization, deodorization - filter - refined petroleum products

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